Chairman – Laukhin Dmitro, PhD, Professor, Dnipro University of Technology;

Secretary - Protsiv Volodimir, PhD,  Professor, head of sector for rating educational-methodical council, Dnipro University of Technology;

Members / Editorial Board:

Dr. Samusya Volodimir - PhD, Professor, Head of Mining Mechanics Department, Dnipro University of Technology;

Dr. Kravets Viktor - PhD, Professor, Automobiles and Automobile Economy Department, Dnipro University of Technology;

Ms. Amelia Carolina Sparavigna - Assistant Professor Position at Politecnico di Torino (Italy);

Prof. S. Kalainathan - Deputy Director, Center for Crystal Growth, SAS, Vellore Institute of Technology (India);

Dr. Girish M.Joshi - Associate Professor in Physics, Polymer Nanocomposite Lab, Center for Crystal Growth, Vellore Institute of Technology (India);

Mr. Bas Konstantin - PhD, Associate Professor, Head of Automobiles and Automobile Economy Department, Dnipro University of Technology;

Mr. Ziborov Kirill - PhD, Associate Professor, Head of  Engineering and Generatvie Design Department, Dnipro University of Technology;

Ms. Pismenkova Tatiana - Ph.D. (pedagogy), Dnipro University of Technology;

Mr. Andrew Litvinchuk – Head of ASCON company Dnipro department;

Person in charge – Verner Ilya, Head of Informational Technology Design Laboratory, Department of Engineering and Generatvie Design, Dnipro University of Technology'.