What are Abstracts?

Abstracts are brief summaries of the overall goal of an offering and the specific ideas, concepts or experiences that will be presented, including outcomes and implications for further research and practice. 

Abstracts essentially answer four questions:

1. What was the problem?

2. How did the author(s) solve the problem?

3. What was discovered as a result of the research or practice?

 4. What can be generalized or learned from the experience?

Criteria for Review

1. Relevance: topic is relevant to the theme / sub-themes of the Conference

2. Knowledge Contribution: Abstract builds and expands on the previous work/literature/theories

3. Innovativeness: The material shared is up-to-date, innovative, and will lead to future advancement in social work and social development

4. Clarity: Abstract is clearly presented and includes all essential information


Please use automatic hyphenation and check your spelling. Additionally, be sure your sentences are complete and that there is continuity within your paragraphs. Check the numbering of your graphics (figures and tables) and make sure that all appropriate references are included.

The full format requirements and a sample MS Word document see in Templete of Article.


Template of Article 

 Article Submission Guidelines 

File format. Submit your paper and appendices in MS Office 2007/2010 or a compatible format.

File names. Standard naming conventions are especially important to help online readers and organizers. Please use this model:

for articles:

– LeadAuthorLastName2014_Paper title.docx;

for register forms:

– LeadAuthorLastName2014_Paper title.xls.

 Submission Requirements. Save your files as Microsoft Office 2007/2010-compatible documents. Email your file as an attachment to the proceedings editor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before March 15, 2014.


An easy way to comply with the conference paper formatting requirements is to use a template of article and simply type your text into it.

Total length of an article should be no more than 10 pages formatted according to the Template. 

Your paper must use a page size corresponding to A4 which is 210mm (8.27") wide and 297mm (11.69") long. The all margins must be 25 mm (0.98").

Pages should not contain page numbers, running heads or footlines!


All paragraphs must be indented. All paragraphs must be justified. The entire document should be in Calibri font, size 14 pt. Other font types may be used if needed for special purposes.

 Title must be in 14 pt Regular Bold font aligned by center. Author name must be in 12 pt Regular Bold font, author details - 12 pt Regular font. Author details must be aligned to the left.

Body of the paper should be in 14 pt. font.